Fall Crops?


Here are a few things I harvested from the garden yesterday.

We got asparagus, beets and broccoli there along with a few tomatoes. Yes, those are SPRING planted broccoli plants. The side shoots still coming on in mid September.

We stop picking asparagus in early July. Then we let the ferns grow wild until frost (They get 6 feet tall!).

This year with so much rain, we are still getting new shoots down at the base so about once a week there is enough for a couple servings. Fresh asparagus in September, what a treat.

Those beets have been planted since spring too. Wasn’t sure if they would get woody but again with all the rain they were huge but still tender.

This has been a great garden year!

Guess which ones are hot?

These are called “seasoning” peppers


So which ones are hot? None of them! These are all really flavorful and fragrant, but NO heat at all.

Not even the green jalapeno ones which are called “Fooled You”. They are great for adding to salsa and only add flavor, NO heat at all.

The long pointed red ones are called Jimmy Nardello Italian peppers, sweet frying type peppers.

The other habanero looking ones include Arroz Con Pollo, Zavory, Aji Dulce, Trinidad Perfume, Sweet Yellow Habanero and some no name ones I brought back from Nevis Island that they simply called “seasoning” peppers.

These have the smell of hot habanero peppers, an amazing fruitiness. You can add these to salsa without adding any heat and all your friends will say it is the best salsa they have ever eaten!

I promise!