Kieser Organics: Chemical-free gardening for the home since 1978.

Pekin, IL-based Kieser Organics has provided chemical-free gardening ideas & seeds for the home since 1978.  Owner Bob Kieser believes that organic gardening is in complete harmony with nature.

“Man has been gardening organically for hundreds of thousands of years; possibly millions, but industrial agriculture has only existed for less than 100 years.  Modern pesticides are destroying essential organisms in dirt, beneficial bacteria and even earthworms.  If you head to a modern field that uses chemicals, you won’t find any earthworms and that’s a big problem.  The industrial agriculture industry is fighting mother nature and that’s just not something I believe in doing.  Organic farming is the future and I want everyone to learn about it.”

-Bob Kieser

Starting this spring, we will be showing how to do high powered organic gardening. We will show you how to plant in intensive beds with close spacing for maximum production.

We will highlight interesting varieties like red celery. blue peas, purple beans and some of the heirloom tomatoes and peppers I like to grow. And we will be offering some FREE organic seeds!

Then we will show you how to cook great food from your own produce. We are even gonna do a session on making wine and beer!