Time Flies! April 2020

The world is in a tailspin.

Not much to give hope right now.

It is spring though and thank goodness that hardware stores and garden shops are considered essential.

Gardening offers hope! You can’t plant a seed without hope.  That is what planting a seed is all about.

We NEED to be growing our own food more than ever!

So, for 2020 I will be starting from scratch in a new garden on a new home farm. I have just over an acre with lots of south facing hillside. So I began removing some existing remnants of the previous owners garden area. There were pathways mulched with asphalt shingles which I removed last fall to plant garlic and mother onions (potato onions). That amounted to a 4 x 10 bed with health looking garlic and onions.  We added another 6 foot’ to the bed this spring for early lettuce, herbs and spinach. Later we added a compost pit on the north end of the first bed for a total first ed size f (FILL IN THE SIZE AFTER MEASURE HERE)

Then we laid out a 50 x 50 patch around the first bed. Using as many labor saving techniques as possible like the mulching of the onions and garlic. Not much else needs to me done till harvest here except pulling back the mulch later before harvest.

Then we laid out a few other beds. We added a raised bed container garden with galvanized livestock water tanks. Coming soon, tomato patch and other beds.

fbbob_20200403_121831 fbbob_20200403_121921 fbbob_20200403_121935  fbbob_20200403_122005 fbbob_20200403_122011 fbbob_20200403_122110 fbbob_20200403_163218 fbbob_20200403_163313 fbbob_20200403_163528 fbbob_20200403_163548 fbbob_20200403_163635 fbbob_20200403_163638 fbbob_20200405_161127 fbbob_20200405_161155 fbbob_20200405_161200 fbbob_20200405_184443 fbbob_20200405_184453 fbbob_20200405_185259 fbbob_20200406_181523 fbbob_20200406_181525 fbbob_20200406_181542 fbbob_fall planted garlic fbbob_getting ready to lay thebases for the beds fbbob_laid out 50 by 50 fbbob_last fall planting and worm bed compost pile fbbob_raised bed area fbbob_setting up the raised beds fbbob_stage 2 starting the galvanized livestock waterers as raised beds fbbob_starting it up







Gardening 2017 – Early photos through May.


We got in the garden early in 2017. Got a really warm spell in January and the ground thawed in my beds.

I got lots of seeds, so why not. Planted  some lettuce and spinach on 1/27/17.


The result was some sprouted and some not. By early May though, it was rockin’



By May lots was going on. The fall planted potato onions were coming along by May


Potato onions are also known as mother onions. You plant one bulb and the divide like garlic or shallots in 5 or more individual onions

But we got most things going well by May.
Resized by JpegSizer @ TangoTools.com

Resized by JpegSizer @ TangoTools.com

Had a huge lettuce harvest.


Paris Island, Black Seeded Simpsom, Buttercrunch and Yugoslav Red. Planted 3/19/17.